Welcome to I. Santos Insurance & Associates

We are a “Total Broker Support” Agency. Selling insurance to your client is no longer a simple task. There is such a diversity of insurance products and a multitude of marketing components available. In the past Insurance companies used to subsidize their brokers while they learned the trade before sending them out in into the world to make a living. Today you are on your own.

Consider ISIA as a substructure to your insurance business. Everything we do is done with the greatest of care and attention, from assisting you with insurance appointments to ordering the physical for your client. Need education or desire marketing assistance? In keeping a competitive edge, you may find the need to service your clients in various areas of insurance that traditionally was handled by several brokers. At ISIA, we encourage our brokers to remain adaptable, stay compliant and no matter what you are selling, we are here to give you total broker support.

“We work with these awesome Insurance Carriers…”