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How convenient would it be to fill out all your appointment paperwork for one carrier, one time only, then have all future appointments with other carriers nearly completed online?

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Our attorneys Brian Mandel and Daniel Hales are both each equally knowledgeable and effective Estate Planners. We have a long history together, over 20 years. Their expertise and customer service are superior and both attorneys have always been an integral part of our estate planning. Our Associates Citadel Law Offices

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HealthPlanShopper has over 15 years health insurance experience and are Health Care Reform experts. 2014 brings new challenges for the small business owner. HPS shops for the most benefits for less… The company is run by Marcia Santos Sadler.  Ismael’s daughter.  She has over 20 years in the health insurance business.Our Associates Health Plan Shopper

All of our financial professionals are an integral part of I. Santos & Associates team. Please feel free to click on the individual links and you will be brought to their respective websites.