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Brand New Term Life Policies with Living Benefits

Posted on June 27th, by Ismael Santos in Life. Comments Off on Brand New Term Life Policies with Living Benefits

Does Your Current Term Life Policy?:

• Pay for care or treatment that may not be   covered by your health insurance plan?
• Replace income lost as a result of your illness?
• Provide for in-home care or facility needs?  

*And, any death benefit value not used as a living benefit will go to your loved ones?

What Living Benefits Can Bring to Your Life

If you are diagnosed with a chronic, critical or terminal illness, a Trendsetter LB term life insurance policy allows you to accelerate a portion of your policy face amount to.

This is really exciting news to us at ISIA.



Great News Just Approved in California

Posted on June 11th, by Ismael Santos in Life. Comments Off on Great News Just Approved in California

Term Life Insurance  With “ Living Benefits ” 
“ At No Extra Cost ” 

Chronic illness Accelerated death Benefits
Critical illness Accelerated death Benefits
Terminal illness Accelerated death Benefits

Highly rated A.M. Best A+ Carrier

Q: What is the difference between Chronic, Critical or Terminal Illness?

A: Chronic illness is a rather broad category of illnesses.These would be ailments that affect you for a long period of time.
Critical illnesses are serious illnesses that put the afflicted in danger of possibly dying.
Terminal illnesses are illnesses that do not have a cure or the treatment for them in inadequate.

 Guaranteed initial level premium term life insurance with Chronic, Critical and Terminal Illness Accelerated Death Benefits (ADBs) inherent in the products,  Provides living benefits and death benefits in one life insurance solution, for clients who want an extra level of protection for their loved ones’ financial security.  

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ABCD a Better CD, Cash Reserve Alternative

Posted on May 21st, by Ismael Santos in Annuity, FPG. Comments Off on ABCD a Better CD, Cash Reserve Alternative

70% will need extended care.
Your clients have money set aside in CDs. Is there a safe way to be better prepared?
Lincoln MoneyGuard Reserve Plus.  A smarter alternative to self-insuring.

Prepare your clients for the future by having a conversation about future extended care needs. 78% of people say they would find it helpful to talk to a financial professional about long term care planning.

ISIA Welcomes FPG into a new partnership!

Posted on May 8th, by Marcia Sadler in FPG. Comments Off on ISIA Welcomes FPG into a new partnership!


Welcome to I. Santos & Associates. We are so happy and excited about our new relationship with FPG. This is not actually a new relationship at all but a long association and mutual admiration between William Wright and Ismael Santos, over 20 years long…

What does this mean to you? Like oil is to an engine, we at I.Santos will continue our commitment to our brokers, preserving our relationship with you and providing a foundation through FPG ‘s online education, sales support and an reliable and knowledgeable team in Life, Annuity, Long Term Care products.

This is the new paradigm a shift from the old way to a more efficient way of conducting insurance business.  With compliance, rules, regulations and the new influx of insurance products entering the market, it is partnerships like these of a such quality that launch our brokers … Read More »