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Charitable Reminder Trust

Citadel Law Firm: Organizational Overview.

Let’s face it: Bad things do sometimes happen to good people. Legal issues can arise out of everything from a disagreement with a neighbor to inadequate insurance coverage. Then there are times when there are more serious issues at stake, such as someone threatening to take your children from you or to take your business, your home, or your property. These issues are hard to handle alone. In fact: it’s impossible. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when such situations arise. But who do you trust? Who do you turn to in Los Angeles County?

When you need the advice of a legal expert you can trust, one that you can come to for advice, and who has the ultimate sense of trustworthiness. Part of the trustworthiness has to do with their ability to handle your case. Estate planning, probate issues, wills, and trusts are all very important to your family’s future. So you need someone who is highly in tune with your specific needs and who can deliver what you need when it comes to financial security and planning.

Another important issue is the track record of your attorneys. You need to know that the lawyer you are dealing with has more wins to his/her name than losses, that they can handle your case competently and go forward with confidence to get you what you need.


Just like choosing your doctor, dentist, or house appraiser, your legal counsel should understand your needs completely and listen to your concerns. They should also be highly-specialized in your particular area of need. For example, if you had a car problem, you wouldn’t take it to a dentist, would you? The same rules should apply when choosing your attorney. And when you take that car to a mechanic, why don’t you just choose any mechanic? The answer is because you want one who has the experience, know-how, and competence to handle your unique legal issues. The same is true with your legal help.

It’s hard to know who to trust with your most important questions regarding the law. If you could answer your own questions, you would have a legal degree.

That’s why I am endorsing Citadel Law Firm for all of your estate needs. They specialize in creating and executing final wishes and charitable reminder trust in Los Angeles, executive orders for business, and other important aspects of your financial life.

Citadel Law has more than 20 years of experience in this area of the law and they are known for listening to their client to determine the best course of action, rather than just using a “one-size-fits-all” remedy for legal problems or procedures.