Howard James Reekie - I. Santos Insurance & AssociatesI. Santos Insurance & Associates

About Howard James Reekie

Vice President, Marketing, I.Santos & Associates, Inc.

Howard oversees the Marketing operations of I. Santos, Inc., including the Financial Illustration and Design areas. He has over 30 years in the promotion and advertising business and has developed marketing programs that are specific to the insurance business.

Howard James Reekie He comes from a corporate background, coupled with a strong commercial influence, having run his own international production company for over 20 years. Howard designed, wrote and produced shows for The Council of Sales Promotion Agencies, itself an international industry association. He has written and produced numerous advertising projects ranging from basic collateral, to radio and television and far into the digital universe. His direct interface with the sales promotion industry has been growing in importance in recent years as businesses, eager for quick and quantifiable returns on marketing investments, have shifted money out of advertising and into promotions.

As a team member of ISIA since 2013, Howard has reshaped much of the marketing approach of the insurance agency business, binding broker support to streamlining case workflow. The best is yet to come.

His home life – just as enthusiastic. His passion is writing. Howard writes novels and screenplays – at times acting as a script doctor for several high-end Hollywood writers.