Marcia Santos Sadler - I. Santos Insurance & AssociatesI. Santos Insurance & Associates

About Marcia Santos Sadler

Sr. Vice President, I.Santos & Associates, Inc.

Marcia oversees the operations of I. Santos, Inc. She has over 20 years in the insurance business and has developed marketing and brokers’ branding programs that are cutting edge.

Marcia Santos Sadler She also provides clients with financial aspects of the insurance business – such as using insurance for risk management and for unique tax and retirement planning. She is dedicated to helping people from any walk of life learn how to best preserve their wealth and plan for good future.

As a team leader of ISIA, she is the “energetic driver” of the team, creating an enthusiastic atmosphere for giving the best support for clients by integrating the latest technical marketing software and personal training seminars.

Her home life is just as energetic. Marcia devotes what little spare time she has to her horses and is one of the leading instructors on hoof repair techniques appearing in training videos and seminars.

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