Our Goals - I. Santos Insurance & AssociatesI. Santos Insurance & Associates

I. Santos Insurance & Associates Inc.

Insurance Marketing company for brokers selling Life, Annuities, and Long Term Care.

Our Agency’s Goals:

We are fully committed to the education and support of our brokers. How do we accomplish this? To begin with, we stand behind our brokers as they come first. We believe in supporting our brokers by providing them with up to date information and education. This is what we call “Total Broker Support”.

Our Insurance Companies:

At ISIA we only work with companies rated by the Standard and Poors A rating or higher, this give our brokers the very best opportunity and stability possible when selling an insurance product.

Our Products:

ISIA only promote and sell products that we believe in and have successful experiences with. that will be here for the long run.

Our Associates:

Our CPAs, Estate Planners, Attorneys, Stock Brokers, CFPs and Insurance Brokers are whom we work for. Without our associates there is no ISIA. We take pride in the relationships we have formed with our associates. Most of them have endured over 20 years long, but we are always looking forward to forming new relationships.

Thank you for considering ISIA as your team member.